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Sanitizing Services Grande Prairie

With the high number of COVID-19 infections, people are looking for sanitization, disinfection, and cleaning services for their premises. Disinfecting and sanitizing your premises will ensure that your family, employees, or clients are safe not only from the coronavirus but also from other harmful microorganisms. It is essential to hire a good disinfection company because they will make sure that your building is clean and free of all disease-causing microorganisms.

At A&H Powevac, we offer top of the line disinfection services in Grande Prairie. We are knowledgeable and have received training on different methods of sanitizing and disinfecting both residential and commercial buildings. A&H Powervac offers several contracts and disinfection schedules so customers can choose what suits them.

Our Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services

Deep Cleaning

To ensure that our client’s buildings are germ-free, we provide deep cleaning services. We make use of virucidal agents to remove any germs in the home. We focus our cleaning efforts on high touch areas to ensure the safety of your family, employees, or customers.

Sanitizing Services

We offer 24/7 sanitizing services so that customers can contact us anytime they need their facilities sanitized. Our staff can focus on specific areas such as washrooms or clean the entire facility. We make use of Health Canada Certified chemicals that kill coronavirus. Our team will take the time to understand what you need and offer you a solution that works.

Disinfectant Fogging

We also offer disinfectant fogging, and our staff has received training on how to use manual, pump, battery and electrostatic sprayers for disinfectant fogging. We focus on high touch areas such as phones, faucets, among others. Our disinfectants are CDC and Health Canada certified.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Disinfection Services


Our staff is trained and will therefore provide high-quality services. They understand the need to clean high touch areas and how to use the chemicals to ensure that all dangerous microorganisms are destroyed. Our trained professionals also provide the best customer service. We are also licensed to operate a disinfection company which means you can rest assured that you will get the very best services.

Experienced Team

An experienced team like ours ensures that you get the best disinfection service in Grande Prairie. The fact that they have been doing the work for a long time means that they know what works and what is legal to use to clean your building. Our expertise ensures that you get the best quality service.


When you hire a disinfection company like A&H Powervac, you can expect consistent service. Our customers can schedule regular cleaning appointments so that your building stays germ-free throughout the year.

The Right Equipment and Chemicals

A professional company has all the necessary equipment for effective cleaning. Our staff is equipped with the latest sprayers to ensure that your building is cleaned quickly and effectively. We also have all the necessary cleaning agents in stock. These chemicals are of the highest quality and will not harm the environment or the people in your building.

The Best Sanitizing Company in Grand Prairie

Our services are budget-friendly and we don’t have any hidden costs. Get in touch today for a free sanitization quote and stay clean and healthy today.