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Furnace and Duct Cleaning Grande Prairie

A&H Powervac is a locally-established company that provides furnace and duct cleaning in Grande Prairie. If you are looking for an affordable cleaning services provider, a company that is proven and trusted, and people who work efficiently and professionally, you are on the right path with A&H!


Keeping your furnace and ducts clean has many benefits ranging from health to wealth. Keep your lungs clean and avoid major furnace repair bills with one of our duct cleaning maintenance packages.
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Chimney Cleaning

Are you burning wood or other heavy fuels to heat your home? It might be time for a Chimney Cleaning if so. Learn how we can help keep your home safe from chimney fires with our cleaning services.
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Sanitizing Service

Not only can we keep your furnace, ducts, and chimneys clean and clean, we can also tackle almost any sanitization job you can think of with our professional sanitizing service.
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Why Clean Your Furnace?

Furnaces can last a very long time when properly cleaned and maintained.

The comfort your furnace provides is priceless. One of the advantages of cleaning your furnace is that it prepares you for the cold weather ahead by ensuring that breakdowns due to debris accumulation, choked airflow, or other related problems do not arise.

Furnace cleaning is needed because it saves you a lot of money.

Unexpected breakdowns can cost a lot. If you don’t clean your furnace before the winter season or if you don’t maintain it regularly, it will likely breakdown at any moment. Cleaning your furnace regularly will help you maintain its good condition for convenient and longer usage.

A clean furnace helps maintain your warranty eligibility

Most warranties have a condition that your furnace needs to be maintained regularly. If you don’t meet this requirement, your warranty may be revoked, which means that you have to pay for the issue yourself, when the warranty could have covered it. Play it safe and save your warranty.

Why Choose Us A&H Powervac 

A&H Powervac, originally R&R Powervac, was founded in 1983. Since our first day in business, we’ve provided high-quality power vac services to local residents in Grande Prairie & Area, as well as the Peace Region as a whole.

Quality Assurance

Versatile Services

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Fast and Efficient

Benefits of Choosing our Furnace Cleaning Services

Healthier home and air

Having problems with dirty indoor air? Our furnace and duct cleaning services provide the best solution for a healthier home and air. When your furnace is clean, it filters the air in your home for your family to enjoy clean indoor air. Our solution aims to keep your furnace in its best condition while emitting the kind of air your family needs.

 Protected Family

A well-maintained furnace means a healthier home. Your family is surely protected from any harmful effects of having a dirty furnace. The harmful the air the furnace emits, the worse it is for your family. It is better to keep your furnace ductwork clean in order to avoid health complications from mold and other forms of domestic air pollution.

Competitive Pricing

Maintaining your furnace should not be expensive. Yes, it doesn’t come free but it comes affordable if you choose the right provider. Furnace and duct cleaning services is more affordable than repairing unexpected breakdowns. Spend less now to avoid paying more later with a prompt and professional duct cleaning service from A&H Powervac.

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The guys at A&H Powervac did a great job! Not only did they do a great job of the furnace & ducts, but you should also see the stuff they pulled out of the dryer vent!


We provide the best quality duct cleaning service in Grande Prairie

With the experience, professionalism, and competence we have, we guarantee that we provide the best quality cleaning services in Grande Prairie and nearby areas. Our team is composed of the best and friendly staff. You will never get bored when you work with us. We also use the best tools for cleaning, including equipment and cleaning solutions. If you want to work with the best team in your area, you are on the right page right now!

We give the best rates

What we are after is quality, rather than quantity. But, that doesn’t mean that we charge expensively. Our rates are competitive and we guarantee that these are the best rates in your area. If you want to have a healthier home and clearer air without spending too much, A&H Powervac is the best option you have.

We offer free quotations

If you have a furnace and other air filter tools you want to clean and maintain, we offer quotations for free. All you have to do is to call us through our phone numbers displayed on our website or fill up the forms we will provide when you inquire. We also do inspections so we can give you the best price for the services you want.

Versatile services

Here at A&H Powervac, we offer a variety of different services that you may find helpful. Our list of services includes furnace cleaning, duct cleaning, chimney cleaning, and sanitizing services. If you need all or any of these, you can always talk to our staff for more information. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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