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Stay Warm by Being Proactive

The cold is upon us yet again. It’s not quite time to turn the furnace back on, but it’s getting close. This is the best time to get your furnace serviced. Before you start it again for the winter season. This is also the ideal time to make sure your humidifier is in the best condition before the cold season starts. You should not assume that your furnace is running smoothly just because it is working perfectly. The last thing you want is a broken furnace when it gets cold. Cleaning your furnace is all you have to do to keep it working. Although you might be tempted to clean your furnace by yourself, you will save your time and money if you let certified and experienced specialists from A&H Powervac do it for you.

Top Signs Your Furnace Needs Cleaning

You will incur unnecessary expenses and frustrations when you decide to take the wait and see approach before cleaning your furnace and duct. The problem is that several Grande Prairie residents do not know when to have their furnace cleaned. Take a glance through this list to identify warning signs that you should your furnace and duct cleaned:

Short Cycling

Has your furnace been switching on and off frequently? The chances are that your furnace has dirty filters. You can solve the problem by cleaning the dirty filters. Consider replacing the filters if the issue persists.


Noisy Furnace

Cleaning your furnace is the best thing to do if it has been making a lot of noise. The main cause of a noisy furnace is clogged furnace air filters. Apart from that, compromised ducts and loose belts might be causing the problem.

Strange Odors

Have you been smelling rubber, oil, or smoke when you turn on your furnace? The best thing to do is to have your furnace cleaned quickly to avoid dangerous situations.


Inconsistent Temperature

Is your furnace struggling to maintain the temperature you want? Cleaning your furnace is the best thing you should do if your furnace does not heat at all. You will be better of cleaning your furnace if it is turning off quickly. You should also clean your furnace if your energy bill has increased.

Orange or Yellow Flame

The best indicator of a furnace that needs cleaning is the flame color. Your furnace should have a blue flame if all is well and yellow or orange when it has a problem. Its color will change if there is no balance of gas and oxygen due to a dirty burner. Cleaning your furnace will take care of this problem.

Cleaning Your Furnace Before Problems Arise

Although most Grand Prairie residents prefer the wait and see, taking action early enough will allow you to avoid unnecessary repair or replacement costs. All you should do to keep your furnace running smoothly is to maintain routine cleaning. It is best to let professional furnace experts clean your furnace at least once every year.

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